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I disappeared for more than a week and I apologize for that ! This is the final result of all the hard work from the past week!
I got addicted to Overwatch but still manage to keep drawing and painting everyday. is my second most played hero in the game, (14 hrs) so I decided to paint her (: ( my most played hero is Pharah, 26 hrs) 
I had a lot of fun creating this piece, learnt a lot and got a lot of help and advises from friends to make it work. 
Hope you guys like my painting for this week (: If you play Overwatch as well, which hero do you play the most ? Comment to share with me ^^

12th July Update ** I feel like the tones are too purpleish, so i did a slight color adjust. 

Some questions I wanted to ask for the people who are participating Project Comments : What would you do when you know there is something wrong with the work but you cannot figure it out? I struggle with fixing mistake and wonder what other people will do when they are in that situation ?

My other works : 
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KonoArt Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Oh my gosh all you wonderful artists are making such beautiful works of this character.
You all make me want to Overwatch as well haha salmon heart bullet 

Though, if i'm being honest with myself I'm too hooked on FFXIV heh.

Again, simply wonderful piece keep it up!
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the comment :3
Overwatch is really addictive xD
SvbwayShayla Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there from ProjectComment 

First of all, great job! This picture is very eye-catching and memorable, the colour scheme and composition work very well to capture the viewer's attention. 
You have a great handle on brushes and shading, I feel, I love how shading is very smooth and fluent but you can still see the brush strokes in some places.
I think the green from her headphones give a great contrast to the purple/pink colours, and I particularly like the pixel heart, especially the one in the foreground that is slightly blurry, it gives the picture a great depth.

As for some things to improve; 
I feel like her head is somewhat too large for her thin neck and also the body seems slightly out of proportion with it - I feel you there, I have the same problem all the time. A little adjustment to make the head a little smaller might go a long way. The next thing that really catches my eye are the hands of course - as a very central part of the image and with the white gloves, too, the eyes are drawn to them, which is good - but unfortunately, the pose doesn't quite work out - the hands seem to be in a rather uncomfortable position and they lack the depth to make them look realistic. 
I found one picture reference with a pose similar to this, maybe  you could take a closer look at this to see how it would work:…
First of all, I think it might make it look less uncomfortable if the hands actually rested against each other. Secondly, I believe even though she's wearing cloves there would be some creasing around the bottom and where the fingers begin.
Thirdly, and I believe this is one of the main reasons why they look so flat, if you look at the reference, the edge of the hand sticks out rather sharply, with a light area just under the pinkie and ring finger that sharply contrasts with the shadow on the palm.
I think if you adjusted the hand with some referencing, there could be a great improvement, since in general you seem to have a firm grasp on light and shadow.

This is really all I can criticize though - it's just a shame that the hands as such a central part of this image don't work out.
I hope that this helps you and that I wasn't too harsh.

Keep up the good work! :)
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
The reference is helpful , exactly what I needed :D ! I've been fixing this painting and I've adjusted the head and body proportions, thanks for pointing it out :3 As for the hands I still need to add some fabric crease of the gloves. Thanks for the feedback ! Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 
Azurelly Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hiya! I'm from ProjectComment and I wanna help you a bit what things you can fix/improve :)

First of all, I like the expression of this character. It looks just adorable ♥
But let head out to the things I noticed that can be improved.
Basically, I like how you're using with natural and artificial lights such like the smooth green light on her headgear.
As I see that you're using a softer brush for the green highlights try to take a hard brush and go on the edges to make more sharper lights on the edges.
Although, on the entire art seems to be painted a bit too soft. It's good to use it though. Still try to use different brushes with various types of hardness depending how the perspectives are. Near places with a harder brush for making sharp and well-formed edges and a soft brush for places from afar. It's good to compare if you want to try to take a photo with a reflex camera. depending on which places is focused so there's a sharp image or a soft one.

That's well visible on her arm on the right side. It seems to look a bit blurred. Keep an eye on it to use a hard brush instead of a soft brush. 

The same for the hair, wavy from streak to streak though. But stil quite soft. I do have the feeling that the streak contains just one hair :O Remember that every streak have more little hairs. So adding some little lines for giving a bit more detailed :)  And you can use darker colors for a better contrast.

Now we can take on the hands. I can relate, drawing/coloring hands is one of the hardest part of drawing. Basically it's well drawn. The shadings are good as well.
What I'm missing are some little details on her hand. Did you look at your own hands? You might see that you have lines on your hand. And you can add it on the hands of this character, too. The same works, too even if she wears gloves. Even the gloves have on specific places seams you can add.

I see that you have a basic understanding about shadows and form shadings. How about adding some more shadings?  I can see that the light source seems to come from the right side - maybe a bit upwards. What I can recommend is that you could add a shadow from her arm/hand on the right side on her bust. Mabe the same on the left side but not too much shadow.

Basically, it's very well drawn. It's just a bit too soft in general. But using a hard brush instead of a soft brush and adding some more hightlights and shades that will make your good work more authentic :)
Have no fear to work with different brush types you'll see that you can discover things you haven't seen yet :)
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for suggesting about the soft & hard edges :D! I'm re-working and fixing things and used more hard brushes to add details to the hair. (Found a great hard edge texture brush) Now that I have realized I used too much soft brushes, and the hands need a fix as well. I noticed the shadings and the way the left hand is unnatural and been fixing it ! Thanks for the feedback! 
Azurelly Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem at all fellow! :)

I might learn a lot to myself how to draw but I'm always glad that I can give my knowledge to other people that help them to improve :D
xXSerena-CrosseXx Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, ProjectComment member here~

First off, I would like to congratulate you for such a beautiful piece, very eye catching; I will not
linger too much on the praise-as I am sure you hear it often and you would like help to improve~.

By just the first looks of it, you have a very good idea how lighting works as well as colouring/shading/highlighting.
However where this most noticeable lacks is in the vibrancy of it. Taking an example from where the light of her headphones are,
the light should be rather vivid but instead it falls dull. Much of this picture itself is bright, but it is all the same tone. This could be easily
fixed by working with the contrast of the picture. By just doing that alone should really boost the colours and vibrancy, so very easy fix~.

I am not sure if this is because of the character design/style, but the anatomy of the face is a tad off. It is the most subtle of details, but
it does show. Her eyes seem a bit big, which I assume is the anime/manga touch to this style. However since it is so realistic elsewhere it is
odd. The corner of the mouths should line up to the pupil of the eye just like the tear-duck/edges of the eye should line up to the edge of the
nostrils. Knowing this can help with the proportions of the face, and going by that-you can see why this face is just ever so slightly off in
anatomy. This wouldn't be much of a problem if the face wasn't such a center to this picture and where the eye naturally
is drawn to on any picture.

Sticking with the complications of anatomy, the hands do seem a bit odd; hands are one of the most difficult places for all people. In this case,
the lack of lines really makes them look distorted; lines on hands help keep them (and really many things) from looking like just open space and
without any true form (or rather keeps them from looking deformed). In this case this is most noticeable especially on the right hand of the girl.
The lack of lines and shadows causes the hand to look very off; by looking at the fingers it looks as if the hand is in the right direction, going
lower it looks as if it is the back of the hand, and then the index and thumb have no true form anymore. It is like an illusion. This
goes back to what I said, since the palms often (even with gloves) have creases and this palm has nothing and if you put them in
there-it will bring the focus back and fix this distortion.

Keeping that in mind, much of this picture is incredibly soft, more lines or simply stronger darkness (and even some simple nice highlight lines)
in areas would help bring depth and focus. Take for example the girl's hair. It is beautiful as is, but stand alone intense lines would make it more
realistic and make it even lighter in some areas instead of simple thick brush strokes.
Grain Merge, overlay, addition, dodge are all good layers to do just this.

There is only one more spot that somewhat confuses me which is the shadow in the part of her bang-I am not sure why you made it
as dark as you did since I don't see what would make that shadow that dark. However that is a bit of a nit pick, I just thought I should point
that out. Aside from that you have a LOT of good about this picture, such as I really like the work you did on her face-the colours are near perfect
and lovely. The way you did the pixels/pixel hearts are amazing and the even more subtle rain looking affect in the back as well. Very lovely~

All in all:
Vision: 9/10
Originality: 6/10
Technique: 9/10
Impact: 7.5/10

So over all, this is a very striking image, but it could be more crisp and beautiful.
You are an amazing artist-keep up the great work my friend~!
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
This is a well layout feedback and with great suggestions, thank you !
I've been fixing this piece and I took off the subtle green lights off the headphones because I don't think it's fitting in with the overall colors. Also slight adjustments had been made with the eyes, made the pupil smaller and also the shape of the eye overall xD Also thanks for suggesting adding an outline to the hands, it helps so much to define them. The dark shadow next to the bangs had been removed as well. 
I will be re-uploading the fixed version once the comment wars ends Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] thank you very much for this feedback!
xXSerena-CrosseXx Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
:icondragontail3: You are very welcome; lol it was one of the first things that
came to mind because the problem with the hands I had come across myself before-
it is such a common mishap. I can't wait to see it though~! =3 I am glad I was able to
help you~
Fluffy-fez Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

What I like about this piece:
Honestly, I love this piece. I absolutely cannot digitally paint, and I have a real admiration for people who can. The lighting is amazing, and I feel (judging from other pieces I've seen of this character) you got her personality spot on.
I also LOVE the background, I find it AMAZING. I'm not a big fan of detailed backgrounds, and more effort put into the characters shows how beautiful the character is, without a distracting background.
I think the pixels and the face paint must've been fairly hard to do, and honestly catch my eye the most when I look at it. I just love your painting style, and I feel it really works in this piece.
I don't quite understand why the other two comments are telling you to use a reference, I feel most of your work can be improved through time, and it seems you're already using a reference.

What I feel can be improved:
The breasts kinda throw me off a bit. They definitely don't ruin it, but if you've seen other pictures of this character, you know she has bigger breasts. Also small breasts wouldn't be that defined or round as shown in this picture.
Her hands (as stated by addictedtopunk) are a bit odd, but I think that's mostly due to shading. I don't know, but I'm not good at drawing hands, so I can't give many tips.
Also as stated by addictedtopunk, the neck DOES seem a bit long, but given the character you chose, I feel it kind of works. Granted a thicker neck and bigger shoulders would be nice, but for semi-realism, they really don't take away from the piece. I just feel it's more of something to keep in mind while you're drawing.

Extra references: (extremely helpful)
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the feedback ! After reading a few feedback, everyone seem to point out the chest and hands need some more work on. I actually use references & I look at the in-game model just to get a grip on what everything looks like, I think referencing is a very important method but what I need to work on it how to digest the reference and apply in on my own work. I will try balance out the neck and the body and see if it will be better because it might be too thin. Also thank you for the reference website ! It has a lot of great content *w*
Fluffy-fez Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad I could help La la la la 
CrellthsComics Featured By Owner Edited Sep 4, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm going to give a rough review please don't kill me. I really like it when people pick at my art so when I review I really pick at other people's pieces too.

Things to improve apon
The contrast and anatomy could use some work.

The pose if fairly stiff, sadly poses like this are very hard to make fluid due to their nature. It might help to change her expression and have her hair flow around her more. if you brought her hands higher and gave her a slightly cocky or sweeter/flirty expression its help a lot. Its mainly the expression and the shoulders that are making this drawing stiff. so if you maybe brought one shoulder forward or brought her entire torso lower (its really hard to describe the pose I'm picturing if you're interested in seeing tell me and I could do a quick gesture for you)

  Her hands are making a very perfect heart but if you will look at the average person making a heart with their hands its actually very choppy, and if you have hitch-hikers thumb its especially odd. I think that drawing her hands into a heart may have effected the way you drew her hands negatively. There's usually a bit of fat/skin/muscle that the thumb is very dependent, it's always going to be around the thumb. It wrinkles very similarly to thick fabric. if you're holding your hands flat it will only be indicated by a c shaped line but the second you begin to bend your thumbs it becomes very evident. Same with the four top fingers just the pad is a lot smaller and bends in a soft rectangular shape. A really great way to get better at drawing hands faster than normally is to find a very hard example of hands and force yourself to draw them. Also for this piece I recommend just using your hands as a reference if you decide to fix it. It might be a good decision to move the fingers that are sticking up down a bit too because it would help the hand look more natural.
This will be a little awkward to talk about but her boobs look a little flattened out like they've been pressed down. where you've put a shadow above it near where the bottom of the collar bone is likely the main culprit. if you want her to have a flatter chest change the shadows under the boobs to where they are a lot softer, or add more light to the top and a little more shadow around them to make them less pressed down but around the intended size.

color: There aren't really any contrasting colors in this, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but things like that can seriously add to a piece. I'm going to assume the character is original to overwatch so you can't really change it but there are a few thing that you can do. One thing you could do is to ever so slightly redesign the character. Another thing, that I think you will like more than that is to use a different background color. I find that a mix between a weak pink orange and canary yellow go really well with purple and bringing it out but other colors do too. I highly recommend a warmer color for this situation and to stay away from any green. If you change the lighting color to a warmer color you would be surprised at how much it can benefit a painting. Also don't forget backlighting those light are going to bounce off once they pass her and hit her shadowed area. usually there is going to be a strong shadow right where it starts (sometimes almost a line) that eventually fades depending on the curves. The shadows rarely get stronger. You have a lot of soft edges in this and though that's good in some places you need more hard edges.

also just a suggestion sometimes it helps to use more than one shade of purple instead of just one, mid tone/shade/and highlight wise. So like three different colors you used to highlight or two colors you used to shade ect..

What would you do when you know there is something wrong with the work but you cannot figure it out? I struggle with fixing mistake and wonder what other people will do when they are in that situation ?

               : It strongly depends on what is bothering me for instance if I know there is something wrong with a foot or something like that I would likely just erase it and start over. If it was larger than that and nearly done I would experiment with colors, contrast, position, and try flipping it a few time to try and catch it. If it was still in the sketching or early coloring process I would likely just erase and restart. I rarely ask other people because I don't have many people around me that understand anatomy or my style of art to help out positively, but if you do I recommend asking them also! 

Hope this helps!

rei-kaa Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
This is a really in-depth feedback and thank you very much ! You pointed out things that I didn't realize. I always feel like the figures I draw is stiff because I lack the use of perspective & foreshortening, after months of learning anatomy I realized the poses I draw lacks muscle tensity. Also for the hands I didn't have enough knowledge of the structure of the hand so It seems stiff to me now, and I will definitely try again to fix it :D Also the chest ! I've never realized the chest seemed so flat due to the false shading. Looking back at my anatomy sketches I realized the way i shade it is incorrect, which i will try to fix as well :D

Now i do realize the tones I used for shading is quite limited as well, it's like a darker blue over blue so it seemed less colorful. And maybe I shouldn't have stick to the green lights of the headphones because it seems unnecessary, it's like an awkward tint of green that didn't really go along with all the blues, I will see how I can fix that as well. It's a very good tip to use various tones to shade!

I do agree flipping the canvas is a very good method of self- checking. What I didn't really try is the color and lighting experiment. I kinda just start painting it and didn't make sure if I feel good with the colors and light (which leads to fixing things too much xD). Sometimes I asked people who doesn't draw, they might see what's wrong / where they feel odd so I can double check, It sometimes help, sometimes doesn't because they might not be able to tell me what's exactly wrong, they only feel that something is "weird", but anything would be good because I might have looked at my drawings for too long so I can't see the blind spot. 
Thank you for the feedback once again ! Very in-depth and helpful :D
CrellthsComics Featured By Owner Edited Sep 4, 2016  Student General Artist
Glad I could help! For the color checking I recommend using a multiply layer and experimenting around with colors you wouldn't normally add into the painting. That's usually how I come up with the final color schemes. my painting 'bell pepper plant' has a lot of purple, blue ,and yellow in the multiply layer. I thought I would only need the blue but the yellow and purple were a pleasant surprise.  If I can help out anywhere else please tell me!
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Multiply layer is a good idea! My friend always suggest me to use it but I seem to forget . Blend modes are quite useful and I think I need to experiment more with them :D
CrellthsComics Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Student General Artist
you're already really good at shading already and I had forgotten the name of the video so I didn't mention this but around 4:45 this video has some great advice on backlighting if you're interested ->…
addictedtopunk Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
From ProjectComment :)
I love the movement you gave to the hair and the shiny it looks, very natural. Also, the skin looks very real. Her expression very natural and relaxed. I think the details in her face in general look very good, proportioned, well colored :D I like it!
Also, the suit and the shadowing of it resembles very well the texture of the suit. The hard parts look hard, have nice shadows and lighting and reflexes. Also the environment, pose, background and the hearts contrast very nice with the picture.

But, the anatomy has some little problems, most of them are solved by practice and observation (some artists believe they're cheating if they have a reference besides them, they can't be more wrong! have a guide is super important).

Her neck is too thin. Her shoulders are well defined, her arms too, well proportioned. But her hands look weird. Do the same pose in your mirror and compare the position of your fingers, the distance between them, the size of the palm... You'll see the differences. Her hands look very large, like a pianist's because her palms are more tall than wide, but they still don't look proportioned. Really, only seeing your own hands, or a pair of hands in the internet doing the same gesture, you'll see the differences and you'll learn a lot :)
Her chest in some way looks weird too and i think i know why. You tried to draw the suit super tight (like most animes or comics try to do, like there's actually no suit) but the shadow of the boob is just too dark at the bottom (i'm talking about the left boob here, the right one is correctly shaded and i understand, even if it's small, how it excels over her chest). The light is not in the correct direction, it comes from left but you shadow it like the light is coming from above.
I like how her chest and waist are very realistic, more like a thin girl than a video-game character.
In general my favourite part is her face, she just looks so nice :D I hope my comment helps you to improve, and you'r already good, specially coloring *o* have a nice day!
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for pointing out bits that I didn't realize before! I will try to find more references and figure out how to fix the hands xD Although I did try reference the hands, I didn't digest it very well because I lack anatomical knowledge of hands. Been doing a lot of studies and drawing from stock photos, I think I've learn more and might be able to understand what's wrong now :D Her hands seems too big compared to the size of her face :P
And now when I look the the breasts I do think there is something wrong with the shading / shape , it seems to me it's too flat Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1]  and i obviously didn't notice that when i complete this piece. Thank you so much for the feedback ! I really appreciate it <3
alston123 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Yes. I do love a good portrait. And this a good one! I see that portraits are your thing, well, headshots specifically. :3

Alright, so before I get into this piece specifically, I want to point out that these are all good, and you know that they are good. It's clear you've been doing them for a while, which means that you have basically mastered the headshot. XD So, naturally, when you master something, you should move onto something else. If a person masters piano, then the next step would probably be learning how to sing and play the keys at the same time or they could move onto another instrument like the guitar or the drums. Artists are supposed to grow and learn, get better. So, have you thought about maybe working on landscapes or cityscapes? Maybe even try to place these beautiful characters in a defined space? Most of the portraits I am seeing have the characters in a nondescript space, which is okay, but if you really want to push yourself, you should try putting these characters in a well defined space. Another dimension maybe or an alternative world with an atmosphere and vegetation, oceans, and land? I have been having a hard time with non figurative space myself, but when the objective and non objective space in your drawings are in harmony, it's incredible. It adds another dimension to your drawings that most artists do not have in theirs. (including me :P) Push yourself. See what you can do. ;D

Ok, so this particular drawing is very formal. We have a character facing forward and doing a hand gesture. Her body is slightly twisted to the side, which is more interesting, but I think you can push yourself here. Try drawing her from a different angle, even if it is odd. See what you can do with her. Do something out of the ordinary. Convention can be boring. Y'know, it is harder to draw a character that is genuinely annoyed. Try that maybe? And try to stay away from the conventional kitsch things like peace signs, salutes, and the such. If you google manga, every other character will be doing the same thing. Try to distinguish yourself. Make the art yours. Look at unconventional cartoons and comics, like Death Note or Avatar: The Last Air-bender. You can be as innovative as those creators. It's in you. You just have to keep pushing. :D

As far as technique goes, this is really nice. I like the painterly outfit. It's very consistent. I am not the biggest fan of the hair. Her bangs get sort of mushy, and the hair sort of oddly fades in the background. It just doesn't seem like the hair is at the same level of finish as everything else. 

The shadows and highlights are good in this drawing. There is not anything glaringly wrong with the way light is expressed. You did a great job with that. :)

Last thing: Next time if you are doing something like this again, try to look up real hands in this position. These look a bit awkward. Look, I know. Hands are really hard. I will always struggle with them, but there are references out there to help you. Google is your friend. THERE IS NO SHAME IN USING REFERENCES. I REPEAT, THERE IS NO SHAME IN USING REFERENCES. Every artist uses them. If they tell you otherwise, they are lying. If you don't know how to draw something, go look it up. You will learn how to draw it eventually. ;D

This is a great drawing, and please perceive this comment as coming from someone who really wants to see you reach your full attention, ok? Keep drawing, please. That is the only way that anyone will get better. 

VERY last thing: You are a good artist already, but if you want to get better, I think you should ask people to kindly give you real feedback that you can use. If they like it, ask them why. If they don't, ask them why. I'm telling you, if you take what they say in stride and apply the constructive feedback to you work, it will make you a better artist. :)

Thank you for sharing your art with us. Keep drawing. ^_^
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks ! I already agree with you from the first paragraph xD I've been thinking my drawings are mostly a close up with a very simple background. It lacks some dynamic poses and perspective / angles, so I've been studying a lot of anatomy since then( been drawing it daily on a sketchbook for months, 2 more pages then I've filled up one book >w<). Still working on getting use to drawing a full body, and might try a more dynamic pose in the future :D Also backgrounds can be a challenge. Never really tried a nice background, I believe by having a complete background conveys more than just the character being in the middle xD My friend suggested me similar things, he told me to work on my weakness and try to get out of my comfort zone. 
Now I look back I felt like the hair does look a bit plain, might try to work back on it and see how it will look more complete. :D 
I did looked at the in - game 3D model as a reference, I posed in front of the mirror to see if it makes sense (lulz), but I think I lack basic knowledge of hands so I wasn't able to figure things out. Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] so I also challenge to do hands drawing with the help of stock images as well  
Anyways thank you for your feedback once again ! It's very helpful <3 I think I'm a bit afraid of trying new things and make mistakes, which I shouldn't be, so I should spent more time nailing my weaknesses and break thought it.  
lili-tomato Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016   Digital Artist is a Diva here ;)
like her pose, and the pastel-ish colors you put, the proportions looks good, but the hand on her right are a little bit bigger than the other, I would have added more highlights on her hair and eyes, and intensified the green around her headphones, and to make her pop out even more, it's better to darken the background a little bit so she could stay out more ;)
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
thank you for the feedback !
My friends also pointed out the problem with the hands, I guess I gotta find a way to fix it xD
lili-tomato Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016   Digital Artist
you are welcome :hug:
don't worry about that, it's not huge, plus we're are doing these mistakes sometimes :), you have to see it twice to be able to figure it out ^^
BLACKMASK-COMICS Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Professional General Artist
Love it!!! Diva is my weakness!!! :D
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
she is amazing xD
LegolasGimli Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Student Filmographer
I could never get Overwatch to work on my own computer, but I played it on a friends, and immediately became my favorite
Also really awesome work!
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
That's sad that it didn't work.. D: 
I played so much without realizing it xD. Thank's for the comment !
LegolasGimli Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016  Student Filmographer
No prob hun
CaldoRosa Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
nicely done
rei-kaa Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you!
CaldoRosa Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
No problem
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